The Giver Audiobook

The Giver Audiobook – written by Lois Lowry

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The Giver AudiobookThe Giver Audiobook is a book about what at first appears to be a utopian society. Everything is kept neat and tidy. Your entire life is planned for you as soon as you are born until the day you die. Marriage, work, parents, every aspect of your life is decided by an imposing group called Elders.

What at first seems to be a Utopian world, quickly changes to a “not so wonderful world”. There are aspects of this society that are fine provided you never question anything. Because the main character in the story receives a special gift of memory keeper, he learns of the darker side to the society. He learns what happens to those who have grown too old, are sickly children or who do not follow the rules as they are set down.

Learning the memories, he finds out things that horrifies him. He is faced with a decision. Does he stay and put up with the carefully structured life prescribed by the Elders, or does he break free and go off on his own into the scary world? If he chooses to leave, he will have to make his own choices and take his knocks. If he stays he will have to live knowing there is more out there than he has. More choices, including the right to have his own children, marry a woman he loves instead of Is compatible with, dying on his own timeline, etc…

It wasn’t for me, I found the book to be faintly depressing. The storyline seems to grow grimmer as it goes along. I will not put an ending spoiler here, I will say that I was not impressed with the last chapter.

The Giver Audiobook is read by a man named Ron Rifkin. Ron has a very pleasant voice, but he reads this story with a cadence that does not always fit the story. The audiobook is full of very distracting background music that seems to be inserted in an effort to boost the narrator’s efforts. Instead of enhancing the efforts, it was distracting.

In my opinion, The Giver Audiobook has a poorly written plot, a horrendous narrator who needs to use a better recording system as well as needs lessons in how to read out loud!

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